Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Spirit Work of Creation

What is The Spirit Work of Creation? Isn’t it first of all the revelation of God? Isn’t it first of all the movement of the Holy Spirit into us and through us and out into others? Isn’t it the building and upholding of a Holy Spirit light pipe between us and God and between us and one another?

Isn’t The Spirit Work of Creation like grape plants and the making of wine from them? Isn’t God, the Father, the root of us, and Jesus the trunk of us, and aren’t we the branches on which the grapes grow? And isn’t the Holy Spirit the flow of nutrients up from the roots, through Jesus, and into us and into the grapes that dangle from our lives? The Holy Spirit as the capillary action of the plant, through which we have our being? And aren’t the grapes that we produce—the good of us, of our lives, our relationships, of our making—to be crushed and fermented into a pleasant, complex, flavorful, enlivening, fortifying, joy-releasing wine?

And aren’t we also the wedding guests? Those who are drinking the wine that is the essence of the good making of our ancestors and our friends and our family—the community of saints everywhere throughout all time?

Isn’t this our purpose? Isn’t this our method? And to the extent we make linguistic objects, to the extent we say things to one another and in our saying discover and make the world—we mystic believer priests—shouldn’t these locutions, these constructs, these encouragements, these love poems, these speculative instruments, these comedies, these tropes, these blogs, these works, these explorations of the possible impossible, these imaginative leaps, these outpourings, these roarings, these blessings, these expositions of the beautiful, these pseudo-psalms be like grapes that can be crushed and made into wine for the wedding feast? Wine for the enjoyment of the wedding party and all the saints?

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